Sell in-store

Airsquare’s modern, cloud-based point-of-sale bridges the gap between your online and in-store sales.
Our POS is fast, intuitive and portable, so you can sell anywhere.

Slick in-store setup

Airsquare’s point-of-sale is modern and easy to use. It works on any device or browser, and integrates with scanners, card terminals and printers, so your hardware set-up looks professional. Your retail will run like a well-oiled machine whether you’re in store or at an event/market.


Easy and efficient stock management

Your stock is shared between your online and physical stores, ensuring you can always fulfil your orders. Stock levels are synced instantly when items are sold and are always up to date. Your customer database is also synced, so that information like customer accounts and pricing tiers will be at your fingertips.

Cater to different customer groups

Airsquare POS allows you to set up pricing tiers (e.g. retail vs wholesale, member vs non-member), so customers always pay the right amount. If customers have accounts in your store, you can offer tailored customer pricing or assign a customer to a sale, allowing them to pay ‘on account’. The POS also allows you to offer customised contract pricing to certain customers.

Sell more than just products

Airsquare POS isn't just for stores selling products and gift vouchers...Airsquare allows you to set up an event booking website and you can use Airsquare POS to sell event tickets. Tickets sales on the POS will be synced in real-time with ticket sales on your Airsquare website. 

Out and about? Sell offline too

If you’re out and about at markets or events with sketchy internet access, Airsquare POS can still work for you. You can sell offline, and still access customer information. The orders are then processed and synced when you’re back online.

Never miss a sale

Airsquare POS allows you to process orders over the phone or on site with the customer. You can manually select the appropriate shipping, ensuring that you fulfil the order quick smart pronto.

Works everywhere you do

Airsquare POS works on any web browser ( or, for a better user-experience (with touch screen and better performance) you can download our native iOS or Android apps. Then, just connect your existing Airsquare account and start selling. If you don't have a store with Airsquare yet, sign up for our free, no obligation 30-day trial.


Integrates with Stripe Terminal

Accept in-person credit card payments using a Stripe Terminal card reader. You use it in-conjunction with the Airsquare POS to process in-store sales.

Airsquare POS talks to the reader so you don't need to enter the amount manually. This looks more professional, saves time and removes double entry errors.

Spend less time on boring accounts

Airsquare's 5 star integration with Xero ensures efficient management of payments, invoicing and accounts by pushing data in real time.
Your customers get a branded invoice attached to their order confirmation email. Invoices are ready and waiting for reconciliation. Everything is in complete alignment.

Read about our Xero integration

All the amazing Airsquare POS features:

  • Integrated ecommerce
  • Sell products, tickets and gift vouchers
  • Park sales
  • Print quotes
  • Barcode scanning
  • Multi-currency support
  • Add, edit and assign customers
  • Email receipts with invoice attached
  • Print receipts
  • Split payments
  • Cash tracking
  • Cash rounding
  • Multiple tax zones supported (international orders)
  • Quick search
  • Discounting
  • Customise receipts
  • User switching
  • Multiple payment types (cash, on account, card, gift vouchers)
  • Reporting
  • Supports pricing tiers
  • Supports contract pricing
  • Xero integration
  • Add notes to a sale or individual items
  • Works offline
  • Customer order history

Airsquare is perfect for ....



Airsquare is the perfect choice if you sell both online and in store - We offer Point of sale software, so that your stock inventory will always be in synch. With Airsquare Mobile for iOS and Android, you can manage your Airsquare store from anywhere.

Business to business

Business to Business

If you're selling to retail and wholesale customers (or promoting events to members and non-members) you can create different pricing tiers and limit which customers can see each one: Users can log in and instantly see the right pricing for products and/or events.



Associations will love using Airsquare because we offer a members-only area. Memberships can be created by you or by the person joining online themselves. Track memberships for people, automate renewals and take payment via our ordering system. You can also raise an invoice (if Xero is connected). Read more.



If you run events (e.g. workshops, gigs, seminars) and want to sell event tickets online, you've come to the right place! You can advertise multiple events, each with various venues and sessions. Tickets are purchased through a secure checkout, using our Ecommerce software. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a point of sale?

A point of sale is a way to accepting payment and recording a sale with the person in front of you (or on the phone). It allows you to accept payments via many different means, e.g. cash, card, gift voucher or on an account. An online POS such as Airsquare POS, can connect to your online store, therefore making it easier to manage stock and orders in one place.

How much does Airsquare POS cost?

The use of the POS app is included in your monthly subscription. The only additional cost would be transaction fees (not applicable if you are on our LARGE plan) which are applied in the same way as they are to online sales. Note, The MINI plan doesn't allow you to create an order. 

What about the hardware?

Airsquare works on any web browser so you can use it on your existing laptop or desktop. It also works on iOS (iPads) and Android tablets. It will work with any barcode scanner you can connect to your computer/tablet. We support Star thermal printers on iOS / Android, and any printer you can connect to your computer/tablet (thermal or A4). You can use any card terminal you like, our POS doesn't automatically push the price to the card terminal, you just record the payment as 'External card'. 

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