What is a widget?

A widget is a piece of dynamic content; content that changes and carries out a specific function.

The beauty of a widget is that it allows you to re-use information in different places on your website. If you want to update the widget, it automatically updates everywhere else the widget is used.

What types of widgets are available?

How do I add a widget to a page?

  1. Go to Website > Pages & sections
  2. In the site tree on the left, click on the page you want to add the widget to
  3. Click on the relevant container on the page
  4. In the editor, put the cursor where you want to insert the widget, widgets MUST be in a new paragraph by themselves.
  5. Click on the widget icon, which looks like a magic wand.
  6. This will then prompt you to select the widget that you want to add.
  7. The widget will appear in the content editor as the wand icon.

When you preview the content you will see the content of the widget, as it will appear on the web e.g. map, video, form etc.