What are connected apps?

Connected apps are applications you've connected Airsquare to.

You can connect Airsquare to other online applications and share information.

What's the difference between account / profile connected apps?

We have two types of connected apps:

Applications which are connected to your account are for your 'organisation' and everyone can use. Applications connected to your profile are only for you to use.

What apps can I connect to my profile?

You can connect the following apps to your profile in Airsquare:

Do I have to pay extra for these connections?

Currently we have no premium profile connected apps.

How do I connect an app?

  1. Click on your name (top right) and choose Connected apps.
  2. Click Connect app top right.
  3. Choose the app you want to connect.
  4. Click Connect app
  5. You'll then need to follow the instructions, each app connects in a different way. Typically the app you are connecting to with ask for your permission to allow Airsquare to be connected.

How do I disconnect an app from Airsquare?

  1. Click on your name (top right) and choose Connected apps.
  2. You'll see a list of connected apps. Click Disconnect next to the app you want to remove.
  3. Confirm you'd like to disconnect, by clicking Disconnect app.

What happens if I have connected multiple apps?

These are the rules we apply for all connected apps:

  • If the connected app tells us about something, we only update Airsquare, we don't tell all the other apps you have connected. This prevents a continual update cycle. 
  • If Airsquare updates something, we tell all the apps you have connected.