Do I need to add a shipping rate?

If you are selling non-downloadable products, you'll need at least one shipping rate for each tax zone and pricing tier you want to support.

What countries can I ship to?

You can ship to any country. 

How do I ship internationally?

When adding shipping rates, you can choose 'Rest of the world' as a country. This is made available so you can offer standard international shipping rates outside of any specific country rates you offer.

How are shipping rates shown to the customer?

When a shipping country is selected in the cart all the available shipping rates are displayed for your customer to choose from. Shipping rates are calculated against the total order. If multiple shipping rates are shown, only shipping rates with a unique title are shown. If the title is the same, the cheapest shipping rate is shown.

Only shipping rates which match the following are shown:

  • Currency
  • Pricing tier
  • Shipping address country
  • Total weight/dimensions of cart items
  • Total price of cart items

Can I set up regional shipping rates?

Yes, you can set specific state/region/province rates for the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United States

Help, my shipping rates aren't showing!

Few things to check:

  • Have you set a minimum order price for your shipping rate? Does your total order reach this?
  • If the shipping rate is by weight/dimensions, do all the products in your cart fit within these?
  • Do the currencies match?
  • Do the pricing tiers match?
  • Do the countries match?
  • Does the country region match? Note if you've set at least one country region rate for a region, it won't show any of the country wide rates for this region. You'll need to duplicate these for the specific region where required.

Can it automatically work out the correct shipping country for each customer?

Yes, we use geo-targeting to automatically determine where they are from and select the right shipping country.

Can I create 'pickup' rates?

Yes, if you want to offer a shipping rate which requires the customer to pickup the order, just ensure Pickup is set to Yes. They then won't be required to enter a shipping address, just a billing address.

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