What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway which allows you to accept credit card payments online.

What countries does Stripe support?

Here's the list of countries Stripe supports.

What currencies does Stripe support?

Here's the list of currencies Stripe supports.

How much does Stripe cost?

It varies per country, check out Stripe's pricing. There's no monthly fee, you only pay for successful transactions.

What are the benefits over PayPal?

  • It's not PayPal (many customers hate PayPal)
  • You take the credit card details on your site, they aren't diverted away to a separate payment page, this can help reduce cart abandonment.
  • Lower fees (yay!)
  • Auto settlement (funds arrive in your bank account automatically, no more manually transferring out of PayPal)
  • You can run Stripe and PayPal together. Great if you do want to still offer PayPal as an option.
  • Sign up is a breeze

How do I create a Stripe account?

Easy, just register with Stripe. We recommend you read all the Stripe FAQs to ensure you are happy with their processes.

Important. Please verify your email address with Stripe, and also activate your account. It should be in live mode.

I don't have a company business number, how can I use Stripe?

If you don't have a company business number (e.g. ABN, NZBN) then sign up as an Individual / Sole Proprietorship during the Stripe signup process.

What are the recommened settings to reduce fraud?

To help against fraud, we recommend you Decline charges that fail CVC verification and consider Decline charges that fail postcode verification if applicable.

How do I connect Stripe & Airsquare and accept credit cards?

  • Go to Account > Connected services > Connect service. Just follow the instructions to connect your Stripe account.
  • Once connected, go to Commerce > Payment methods
  • Tick Credit card under Payment methods.
  • Credit card payment gateway will appear, choose Stripe.
  • Click Update payment methods.

Your customers will now see credit card as a payment option when checking out. It will use Stripe to process credit cards.

How do I get my money out of Stripe?

Read getting paid from Stripe.

Are orders automatically refunded when I refund them in Stripe?

Not yet, we're going to build this soon, but at the moment, you would need to manually refund the order.

How do I reconcile Stripe payments in Xero?

See handling payment process receipts in Xero.

Does Stripe have a minimum charge amount?

See what is the minimum amount I can charge with Stripe.