What types of discounts can I offer?

You can create 3 different types of discount:

  • Percentage off (e.g. 20% off your order)
  • Fixed amount off (e.g. $20 off your order)
  • Free shipping (e.g. Free shipping on your order)

How are discount codes redeemed?

In the cart, customers can enter the discount code and click Redeem. You'll need to ensure you've enabled discount codes first, otherwise the discount code box won't be shown.

How is the discount calculated against the order?

For percentage/fixed amount discount types, the discount is applied to each line item, then rounded to 2 decimal places. This matches how Xero works.

Shipping costs are always added after the discount has been applied.

For free shipping discounts, we simply discount any shipping.

When applying a discount, we ensure the tax is properly adjusted.

Can I use discount codes as gift vouchers/certificates?

You can create a gift voucher by creating a fixed amount discount code. There are a few of things to be aware of:

  • The fixed amount discount is applied to the item subtotal (excluding shipping), so the customer would still have to pay for any shipping costs (if there are any).
  • No remainder is carried over, so the customer would lose any excess on their gift voucher (e.g. if the discount code gift voucher is for $100, but their order is $80, they would lose $20). So the customer would need to ensure their purchase was greater or equal to the value of the discount code.
  • You should always enter a redeem limit of 1, so it can only be used once. You may also want to specify a timeframe in which it can be redeemed within.

We do have gift vouchers on our feature roadmap, let us know if you want this feature.

How many discount codes can I create?

You can create as many as you like!

Can I limit the number of times a code can be redeemed?

Yes, just enter a Redeem limit when creating a discount code.

Can I specify a minimum order price before the discount code can be redeemed?

Yes, just enter a Minimum order price when creating a discount code

Can I automatically expire a discount code on a certain date?

Absolutely, when creating a discount code you can choose Start / end dates. The discount code is only valid between these dates. If you leave the Start date empty the discount code will be available immediately. If you leave the End date empty, the discount code will be available indefinitely. 

Can I disable a discount code, or put it on hold?

Yes, just change the status to Disabled. You can swap it back to Active later on.

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