What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools gives you lots of insight to how Google is crawling your site and queries being used to find it. 

Why connect Google Webmaster Tools to Airsquare?

By connecting Google Webmaster Tools, we verify your site and submit your sitemap to Google. This means Google will start indexing your site straightaway. Rather than finding your site organically.

How do I connect Google Webmaster Tools to Airsquare?

Note your site must be live before you do this.

  1. Go to Account > Connected apps.
  2. Click Connect app.
  3. Choose Google Webmaster Tools, then click Connect.
  4. You'll redirected to Google, where you need to choose your Google Account and click Accept when prompted.
  5. You'll then be redirected back to Airsquare and we'll have automatically done everything for you! (verified site & submitted your sitemaps).

Why won't Google Webmaster Tools connect?

If you see an error when connecting Google Webmaster Tools:

I get a message saying Google Webmaster Tools has been disconnected, what does this mean?

Google Webmaster Tools will be disconnected if you disconnect Airsquare from Google Webmaster Tools. If you do get disconnected, simply re-connect.

How do I disconnect Google Webmaster Tools from Airsquare?

  1. Go to Account > Connected apps.
  2. You'll see a list of connected apps. Next to the Google Webmaster Tools application, click Disconnect.
  3. Confirm you'd like to disconnect, by clicking Disconnect app.