How do I setup billing?

Once your free trial is over, or you want to go-live, you'll need to setup billing:

  1. Click Setup billing on the setup wizard.
  2. Choose your Currency, this is what you'll be billed in.
  3. Choose your Plan, see our pricing if you're unsure which to choose.
  4. Fill out the Billing contact, this is who receives the invoice and who we discuss billing with.
  5. Fill out the Billing address, this is who the invoice is made out to.
  6. If you choose NZD as your currency, enter your Credit card.
  7. If you can remember, please let us know how you found about Airsquare!
  8. Agree to the Billing terms.
  9. Click Update.

Your first invoice will be generated immediately, which must be paid within 7 days. If you've entered your credit card, you'll be charged straight away.