There's only a few of steps required to set up a secure area:

  1. Firstly you need to restrict access to the section you want to secure. To do this, go to Website > Pages & sections, click on the section, under Settings tab, look for Access. Tick Log in required to access this section. Click Update settings.
  2. Next you need to issue a login for each person you want to give access. Go to Contacts > People, click on the person you want to give access (or add a new person), then give them a Username and Password under Login credentials.
  3. Give it a test!

How do I set up a customer login/logout page?

When you set up a website with Airsquare, we set up a login/logout page for you. But you may have deleted these pages if you weren't using them. So you'll have to set up a login and logout page as follows:

  1. Go to Website > Pages & sections.
  2. Right-click on the Section in the site tree that you want to add the page to. You can't add a page to a page in the site tree, only to a sectione.g. the Home Section or a new section that you have added. You can also add a page by clicking on a section, then choosing Add page (top right).
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, choose Add page.
  4. Enter the Title 'Login' for your new page.
  5. Click Add page.
  6. Click on the page in the site tree.
  7. Click on the Settings tab.
  8. Under the heading Visibility tick both boxes, to hide the page from the navigation on your site and from the search engines
  9. Under What this page does, choose Displays login
  10. Click Update settings.
  11. Click the Navigation tab, and on the drop down menu select Top
  12. Click Add to group
  13. Repeat this process again but this time call the page Logout and select the Logout controller under What this page does.