Do I need separate hosting?

No. With Airsquare, full hosting of your website is included.

Do I need a domain name?

In order to go live, you must have a domain name. The domain name is the web address for your site e.g. We can recommend a domain name registrar in your region if you like, just get in touch.

However, when you are building your website, we give you a temporary domain to use e.g.

I've already got a domain name, can I use it with Airsquare?

Yes. Once your new Airsquare website is ready, we can help you point it to the right place. Just get in touch. During your free trial we give you a temporary domain so you can build your website.

Who owns the copyright for my website?

You own the copyright for all the content that you post on your website; the theme (design) of your website and the code powering your site belong to Airsquare.