What is 2-step verification?

2-step verification is a way of increasing the security on your account. When enabled, you'll need to pass through two verification steps when logging in. The first step uses your normal username / password (something you know), the second step requires a verification code generated by a mobile application (something you have).

This means that if your username / password is compromised, your account is still protected by the second verification step.Â

How to enable 2-step verification in Airsquare?

In order to use 2-step verification, you'll need a smartphone which supports the Google Authenticator app.

To enable 2-step verification just go to Profile > 2-step verification and follow the steps.

Find out more about 2-step verification in Airsquare.

What other services support 2-step verification?

We recommend you enable 2-step verification where ever you can. Here's a list of popular services where you can enable 2-step verification: