Accounts! Ah, the mere word makes me shudder. Like many small business owners, we wear many hats and some of them fit better than others! We used to hate doing our accounts, but using Xero has made it so much easier. Xero is cloud accounting software for small to medium businesses. Being cloud-based, you can use Xero when and where you need to, as long as you have internet access. Their user-friendly interface and ease of access (via mobile or tablet, for example) makes invoicing clients and reconciling accounts a breeze. It really suits our lifestyle and the way we run our business: I have a distinct recollection of Dave doing a quick reconciliation while we were traversing the Richmond range here in Nelson (see pic attached!) - The beauty of cloud computing! Xero were one of the first to offer cloud accounting services and where they have blazed a path, many have followed.

We use Xero to complete our monthly billing and for account reconciliation. It helps us to keep track of our customer accounts with no headaches. As Xero fans ourselves, it was a no-brainer for us to provide an integration with Xero for our clients. And our clients have loved the integration, as evidenced by their great reviews on the Xero website:

Bridget from Moana NZ SUP has found that "tracking transactions from our online shop to money in the bank is fast and efficient, and more importantly, safe!".

While for Bryce Lorcet of Cyclewerks, the beauty of the Airsquare-Xero integration was that it made their retail and wholesale offerings easier to manage, "by linking customer details, creating specific price tier sales orders, auto-emailing invoices and automatically updating our inventory".

So are Airsquare and Xero a good fit for your business? If you run a small to medium business, regularly invoice clients and sell products or event tickets, the answer is yes! You'll find that our Xero integration will really save you time  and will simplify the day-to-day running of your business. If you already have an Airsquare website, it's easy to integrate your Xero account. If you haven't got an Airsquare website yet, our free 30-day trial allows you to explore all the features of the Xero integration. 

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