1. Keep the subject line brief, simple and interesting.
  2. The style of the email should reflect your brand -  colours, logo, tagline etc.
  3. Remind the recipient why they are hearing from you (e.g. you are receiving this because you subscribed to...)
  4. Customise the senders name and the also address the email personally, e.g. Hello (Name)
  5. Get to the point quickly and concisely - what are you offering/what are the benefits/What news do you have to share?
  6. Ensure that the email’s format is plain text and don’t include too many images
  7. Include an obvious and well-placed ‘call-to-action’ button (i.e. sign up, subscribe, contact us)
  8. Include (several) links to your social media pages - Facebook, Goggle+, Twitter etc.
  9. Remind the recipient of your privacy policy/ respect for their privacy
  10. You must include an unsubscribe link, so people don’t banish your email to spam.