Great news for Airsquare customers selling online, today we've released a new one page checkout.

Old checkout

Previously, we had a cart which collected the customer's order, then diverted them straight to PayPal. This has been working really well, but has some limitations.

New checkout

Today, customers will checkout on your site, and then head to PayPal if they want to pay by credit card.

Here's an example of how it looks:


By placing the checkout directly on your site you can now:

  • Offer bank transfer (internet banking) as a payment method.
  • See abandoned orders (people that cancelled part way through).
  • Collect a customer's billing address (PayPal excluded this).
  • Allow customers to create a gift message.

Best practice

When re-designing the checkout, we've adhered to best practice:

  • It's all on one page - no steps - which means it's simple to fill out. Especially on mobile.
  • It's optimised for mobiles and tablets
  • It's all secure, using SSL encryption.

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