Today we've released downloadable products. This means you can now sell digital products online (e.g. eBooks, PDFs, documents, music files).

We've made it real simple. When adding a product, you get the option to tell us if the product is downloadable, choose yes and you'll then have the option of uploading a file.

When a customer buys this product, they'll be presented with a link to download the product on the order confirmation screen. We also send them a link in their confirmation/shipped email too.

We've handled all the complexities of shipping rates, mixed physical/digital orders, protecting downloads, paying by bank transfer, etc.

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15th August 2013

That's awesome news, Dave. Keep up the great work. Truly inspirational to see a feature-packed website builder that's continually growing. I'll be sure to check out all of the documentation related to selling digital products through Airsquare.

Dave Quested

Dave Quested

16th August 2013

Thanks Mario for your positive comments, let us know how you get on if you decide to use this new feature!