I recently bought the Dec/Jan edition of NZ Business magazine, to read on a long-haul flight (being the dedicated small business owner that I am!). Their article on online marketing, 'Predicting the Unpredictable' by Kevin Kevany, was a great wee article and reassured us as to the relevance of Airsquare to small business owners in the long-term. Kevin highlighted the following:


There will be a need for systems that combine e-commerce, point-of-sale, CRM (customer relationship management) and email marketing, to help people streamline their business. This is the premise that Airsquare is based upon. We have already integrated with Xero, an awesome online accounting software provider. In the near future, we are aiming to integrate with Vend, an online point-of-sale provider, in an attempt to make stock management easier for our customers.

We already offer clients an integrated customer database and email marketing system with their websites. Our aim is to integrate with MailChimp in the next few months, since this is a system that many of our new clients are already using - we aim to please!


Kevin also highlights the importance of mobile web designs; designs that are responsive i.e. the web page will be delivered in the format that best suits the device being used. All of the Airsquare design themes are responsive and will work well on smart phones, tablets etc. We've recently added several new themes too, giving you even more choice.

So, more integration, more choice and delivering extra features that our customers want; creating a streamlined, all-in-one, online business tool box - that's the 2013 plan for Airsquare.

What does 2013 have in store for your business?