We know that selling to different customer groups is a core part of many businesses. Typically, these customer groups are offered different pricing (e.g. retail vs wholesale, member vs non-member).

Previously, in order to offer different prices on Airsquare, you had to either set up an entirely new site for that customer group, or supply discount codes (which discount at the time of purchase). Neither option was ideal.

That's why we've rolled out pricing tiers across every price you create in Airsquare (including products, sub products and events).

This means that you can add your own price tier, set different prices for it and then choose which customers can use it. When that customer logs in, they instantly see all the right pricing. For example, you could add a 'Wholesale' tier, enter all your wholesale prices, then give your wholesale customers logins so that they see those prices.

Some things to note:

  • To help you get this set up, we've extended the product import, so you can bulk load all your pricing
  • Each pricing tier sets it's own tax inclusivity option (inclusive or exclusive)
  • Shipping rates are linked to pricing tiers (you can set specific shipping rates for particular tiers)
  • When an order comes through, we'll show you which pricing tier was used to calculate the pricing

As part of this project, we've also introduced 'cost price'. By supplying a cost price, you can track your margins on the items that you're selling.

For more information on pricing tiers, see the pricing tiers help doc.