A picture says a thousand words right?

One web design trend, that has become hugely popular, is big wide edge-to-edge header images at the top of your website. Until now you've been able to create big slideshows in your content, but not edge-to-edge images which sit above your content in the header.

Today, we're delighted to add a new design that supports this feature. Introducing Godley...

Key features

  • You can upload header images to any page.
  • If you upload more than one image, it turns into a slideshow with the ability to go back and forth.
  • You can place content on top of any image, handy if you want to introduce a page, or show a call-to-action.
  • If your images are too light, you can change the background opacity to 'dim' the image behind, making the content on top easier to read.
  • You can adjust the height of each image per page. So your homepage could have very tall images, and your other pages, shorter less imposing ones.
  • On mobiles and tablets, the menu collapses and appears in a side panel when clicked.
  • If you have a logo which is very dark, and your images are dark, you can upload a second header image logo which only shows on top of header images.

Give it a whirl

Here's a live demo of the new Godley design.

How do I use Godley?

  1. Change your design to Godley by going to Website > Settings > Design.
  2. Once your design has been updated, you'll then be able to upload header images (and overlay content) to any page.
  3. Adjust the height of your image(s) by going header image settings.
  4. If you have a lighter version of your logo that works better on dark backgrounds, upload an alternative header image logo.

Why is it called Godley?!

All our designs are named after New Zealand Backcountry Huts. Dave recently did a trip from Mt Cook to Arthurs Pass, staying at Godley Hut on the way, so he named it that! Here's it is...

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