Security is very important to us. We want our customers to feel assured their data is in good hands. As part of our ongoing push for better security, we have recently released some major changes to how we allow access to the Airsquare Websuite.

You may have already noticed, we now redirect you to a secure web address to access your Websuite. This uses strong SSL (secure socket layer) to encrypt everything sent between your browser and our servers. Anyone inbetween will have a very hard job of understanding the gobbledygook we send back and forth. You'll see a little padlock or green 'https' showing you the connection is secure.

This adds to things we've done for a long time like encrypting passwords and throttling login attempts. 

As always security is only as strong as your password, so keep it safe, change it often and don't make it too easy to guess. 

One thing we are considering is 2-step authentication, so please let us know if that interests you, or if it's a step too far. Excuse the pun.

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