Resync button

If you're using tracked inventory in Xero, there's currently no way for Airsquare to be told of stock changes that happen in Xero directly. 

Xero are promising they'll address this soon, but in the meantime we've added a 'resync' button. This takes the quantity on hand for each Xero item and updates the corresponding product in Airsquare. 

Go to Account > Connected apps, next to the Xero app, hit 'resync'.

Line item description format

You can now choose how the line item description is formatted in Xero invoices (i.e. you may want to add the SKU). By default we just use the item title; if you want to change this, go to Account > Connected apps > Xero > Settings > Line item description format. 

Branding themes per pricing tier

If you're dealing with different types of customer (i.e. retail vs wholesale), you may wish to use a different invoice template. You can now do this by setting a Xero branding theme against any pricing tier.

Payment method recorded against payment

To help you with reconciliation, we now add the payment method used to the reference field for any payments recorded against Xero invoices.

Email alert when invoices fail

We now send you an email alert when Xero invoices fail to be created. This can happen if you don't have enough stock (pre-orders) or if you've got an old Xero inventory item still being used in Airsquare.

Less disconnections

We've done a complete overhaul of how we manage connections between Airsquare and Xero. Hopefully that'll reduce any disconnections, especially if Xero is unavailable.

Automatically assign xero inventory items for sub products

Assigning lots of Xero items to sub products can be a drag. We've now added a little tick box, which will automatically assign the right Xero item to the Airsquare sub product, based on the SKU matching the item code.