Airsquare provides a feed for people to subscribe to your blog. You can't however see how many people have subscribed or see any stats for this feed. Feedburner from Google can do this for you.

Just signup to Feedburner, give it your feed and it will provide you with another URL that you get your subscribers to use instead.

You need to tell Airsquare that this feed exists so the link on your website has the new Feedburner URL. No problem, once you have a Feedburner URL follow these steps:

  1. Click on your blog page in website > site tree
  2. Click on properties
  3. Click on add a new property
  4. In the name field, type feedburner_url
  5. In the value field, paste in the URL that Feedburner gave you.

The feed link on your blog will now have the new Feedburner URL, any new subscribers will be using Feedburner and you'll then be able to see stats for your feed.