If you run a nationwide or global business you may have more than one office or retail location that you want to show on a single map. Previously you could only add a single address to the Google Map widget. We've now added a secondary widget called 'Google Map (multiple locations)' which allows you to add infinite amounts of addresses to a map. It's clever enough to resize itself to fit all the locations in.

To add a Google Map with multiple locations:

  1. Login to the Websuite
  2. Click Website
  3. Click Widgets
  4. Click Add a new widget
  5. Add a title for the widget, select 'Google Map (multiple locations)' and click Next
  6. Choose the map type and dimensions, then click Add widget
  7. Find the widget you've just added in the table, and click Addresses in the options column.
  8. You can now add as many addresses as you like. Note, the address must be findable by Google Maps. 
  9. Once you've finished adding addresses you can then place this widget in any page content.

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