This month we are putting the spotlight on our ticketing software. Did you know that you can use Airsquare to sell tickets online? You can advertise multiple events, and tailor each event with multiple venues and sessions. Tickets are purchased through a secure checkout, as with our Ecommerce facilities. You don’t pay extra to use the ticketing software, just sign up for a free trial, choose one of our Ecommerce packages when you're ready to go live and off you go.

But what better way to tell you about our ticketing software than to let one of our lovely clients do the talking. Melody Figg runs ‘Revival Homestead Supply’ a rather awesome supply shop and classroom for homesteading skills in Easthampton, Massachusetts, USA. She uses Airsquare to sell her products and worshops online. Over to you, Melody!

“I use Airsquare ticketing to manage registration for DIY classes at our store. We are a supply shop & classroom for homesteading skills, so we teach a range of classes about fermenting, canning, backyard agriculture & making products for the body and home. Airsquare has made my life soooo much easier. When we first opened, people purchased admission to a class on our website, through a standard product-based platform. I had to manually keep track of class lists, manually remove each class from the store when it had passed & create a new product for a class every time it ran, even though we repeat classes frequently. The whole process was time consuming and difficult to manage.

Next we tried Timely, an appointment-booking software that had a class/group booking feature. It was better than our previous method, but their class feature felt like an afterthought. It had a lot of issues that didn't quite gel with the way I wanted to use it. When I discovered Airsquare I immediately jumped ship: It was exactly what I'd been looking for since the beginning! It was so refreshing to find a platform that was directly addressing my registration needs, instead of jerry-rigging a platform to fit my needs into their framework.

The other ticketing systems that I researched seemed to be geared towards larger events; Airsquare is the only platform I could find that addressed my needs, and addressed them in a format that could integrate beautifully and seamlessly on my website. The customer service has also been excellent! While there are some features I would like to see added or changed, I always feel heard, and many of the improvements I've suggested have been enacted.

I used to expend a lot of unnecessary energy keeping class registrations organised and keeping my online calendar of classes up to date. Airsquare makes it so seamless I rarely think about it.”

Melody would also love to to send automatic email reminders to class registrants and perhaps follow-up a class with a survey afterwards. The ability to send out event reminder emails quickly is something that we are working on at Airsquare and hope to roll out in the near future.

Thanks to Melody for contributing to the Airsquare blog! We’d love to hear your feedback on our ticketing system and any queries that you may have - Just contact us on If you’re curious about our ticketing software, create your free trial website and test all of the amazing features at your fingertips. We're here to help.