I recently attended a talk by the wonderful Laura Raduenz, who encouraged 'thinking big' in business. The talk was organized by the Nelson Tasman Business Trust, who organise great networking events and speakers in the Nelson area. Laura was really inspirational and you can read more about her ideas here.

She talked a lot about the power of thought and visualization. How you think and what you envisage both play a big part in what you can become.

But having clear visions about where you and your business are heading, is a challenge. I find that, even when I clarify what it is I want, I get easily side-tracked by detractors, self-doubt, competitors, and negative thoughts. 

Last year, Dave and I set off to hike the length of New Zealand, walking every step of the way (except the Cook Strait, of course). It was a big undertaking and required a lot of planning and preparation. While some of our friends were encouraging and even jealous, most thought we were just plain crazy! It would have been easy to say, "They're right, lets scrap this idea and go lie on a beach instead".

But the trip was amazing and we made it all the way from Bluff to Cape Reinga on foot. It is one of my proudest achievements to date. You can read more about it on the blog that we created using Airsquare.

My point is, what our journey required most was mental determination, visualization and focus. Without these, we probably would have given up when the going got tough. But we really wanted to complete the hike and we really believed that we could do it. Our journey taught me a lot about the power of the mind.

The positivity that results is contagious. We've been contacted by lots of people through our hiking blog; those who are inspired and those who are inspirational to us. 

And so it is in business. Focus your thoughts. Decide what you want. Visualise. Plan. Prepare. Go for it. If you believe in yourself and your ideas, there's a good chance other people will too.

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