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Today we have released Amazon S3 support for Airsquare.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is a place to store your files. Your files are hosted on Amazon's infrastructure. This makes your files much quicker to download and show on your site. You can also put these files on servers nearer your target audience (e.g USA, Europe, Asia).

Should I use Amazon S3?

We recommend you use Amazon S3 if:

  • You have large files you want to make available on your site
  • You are receiving lots of traffic
  • Your site receives many international visitors

What can you do with Amazon S3 in Airsquare?

  • Browse and select any existing files you have in Amazon S3. You can embed images and files directly into your content.
  • Upload images and files directly to your Amazon S3 account directly from the WYSIWYG editor

How do I get an Amazon S3 account?

Just visit the Amazon S3 site and click sign up.

How do I use Amazon S3 in Airsquare?