Airsquare Mobile has been out for nearly a year now. Many of you are using it as part of your daily routine which is fantastic!

We just released a new version which has a host of updates to help you get more out of the app.

What's new?

  • Performance improvements - We've done ton of work here ensuring you only need to wait for the minimum amount of time while using the app. It should feel a lot snappier!
  • Events - You can now view all the information about your events on the go, including tickets sold!
  • Multiple accounts support - If you have more than one Airsquare site, you can now log into them all! Then just switch between sites in the app
  • More intuitive filtering - We've made the process of applying and removing filters much more intuitive
  • No more PIN code
  • UI improvements
  • Lots of minor bugs squished

Download the app

Download for iOS or Download for Android

Once you've downloaded the app, simply connect your existing Airsquare store.