At the end of last year, I saw a great idea tweeted by Vaughan Rowsell (from Vend):

So we decided this year to give it a go. It's been great, and has been named the "Woohoo Jar". Here it is:

Being mid-year, I thought it would be good to reflect on what we've achieved so far this year. So here's our Woohoo's so far for 2013:

  • Going global, we now have customers in the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany & New Zealand
  • Rolling out Airsquare & Xero integration and becoming an official eCommerce Xero Add-On Partner
  • Rolling out Airsquare & Vend integration and becoming an official Vend Product Add-On
  • Rolling out Airsquare & Mailchimp integration
  • New secure one-page checkout for our online stores
  • Released discount codes so you can offer promotions
  • Added multi-currency support for products
  • Added product badges to make your products stand out
  • Improved our 'add to cart' forms, making it easier for your customers to select the product variation they want (with stock control baked in)
  • Improving our colour selection with a live preview, making it easier to tweak your website colours
  • Added a multi-image upload throughout our app
  • File management screens so you can add/delete stuff easier
  • Geo-targeted our signup and improved the content of our 'vanilla' site
  • Refreshed our Homepage
  • Refreshed our Features page
  • Refreshed our Pricing page
  • Released our Trusted experts section
  • Reaching our mid-year customer targets
  • Building more symbiotic relationships with partners
  • Getting a huge leap in our organic search traffic to
  • A significant jump in processing eCommerce orders for our customers
  • ... plus heaps of small updates

We've got an ambitious schedule ahead so expect more Woohoo's later this year. Don't forget, there's still time to create your own Woohoo Jar...




10th December 2013

Well done Dave and Clare, looks like 2013 has been a good year for you and Airsquare. I'm sure 2014 will need an even bigger jar! Enjoy your woohoo celebration.