We know many of you are using MailChimp, instead of Airsquare, for email marketing. That's cool, we understand: MailChimp rocks!

Therefore, to make your life easier, you can now seamlessly connect MailChimp & Airsquare!

Once connected, anyone that subscribes using a form on your website, is added to the MailChimp lists & groups that you nominate. We also take care of synchronising any updates to their profile in both Airsquare & MailChimp.

Find out how to connect MailChimp & Airsquare

For our eCommerce customers, you'll be happy to know that we're going to fully integrate MailChimp 'eCommerce360'. This means that order data for your list members will be tracked and you'll also be able to see the purchases directly related to an email campaign in the 'Reports' section.

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