Here at Airsquare, we've recently added a new feature which makes it easy for website visitors to make online donations to your organisation. 

Our new donation form widget is easy to use and is connected to the secure Airsquare checkout process.

You can set up multiple different donation campaigns, allowing you to track funds for each campaign. There are options to set up minimum donation amounts, fixed-amount donations and customisable amounts.

How to set up donations on your website

To start accepting donations, you'll have to set up a shopping cart on Airsquare (if you're not already selling products or tickets on your Airsquare website).

Then you'll set up donation campaigns. This allows you to track which donations have been made to a specific campaign. You can integrate the donation campaigns with Xero too.

Then you're ready to set up the donation form widget and add it to a page on your website. Hey presto, you're ready to accept online donations!

When you receive a donation, you'll receive an email notification and you can also view donations listed under Commerce > Orders. You can use Airsquare's Sales Reports function to review a specific donation campaign. Your online donors will receive an order confirmation via email, for their records.

So now people can donate to your organisation through your website with the simple click of a button, safe in the knowledge that their payment is secure.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about setting up donation campaigns on Airsquare.