A few tips on how to inspire loyalty in your customers...

  1. Good communication: Be accessible and make it easy for people to contact you; give out business cards; engage in social media
  2. Check-in with your customers regularly - keep track of contacts on your customer database
  3. Give your existing customers regular product updates/special offers/new products - add value to what they get from you
  4. Be helpful - share valuable information/tips/contacts/resources with your customers
  5. Provide good support - act quickly to deal with customer issues
  6. Ask for customer feedback and act on it (within reason!)
  7. Be honest
  8. Follow through on your promises 
  9. Stand out from the rest: how are you different? Sell this to your customers
  10. Express and demonstrate your appreciation to your loyal customers with free upgrades/perks and “thank-yous”
  11. Smile and be happy - It can be infectious
  12. Last, but not least: Listen

Do you have any customer service tips of your own? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

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