It’s a great idea to start an editorial calendar to keep track of what you have already written on your blog and to plan ahead for future posts.

Feeling bereft of ideas for blog posts? Read on...

  1. Introduce your company - your products, clients, logo, design, latest news etc.
  2. Outline new developments in your company - what inspired them? What benefits do they give?
  3. Boast - obviously keep this to a minimum, but talk about great things your company has achieved and/or recent awards received.
  4. Personal reviews of books/websites/other blogs/products related to your business
  5. Comment on topical issues - what’s in the news? Current sports events?
  6. Comment on seasonal stuff - Christmas/Halloween/school holidays/winter etc.
  7. Advertise product promotions that your company is offering
  8. Provide helpful lists/tips that would interest your client base
  9. Subscribe to competitor blogs and review what they are doing and what is topical
  10. Poll your followers on relevant hot topics
  11. Blog about social media - how-to guides, useful tips etc.
  12. Share some non-business related stuff too - life issues, your favourite things/places/what inspires you/work-life balance/ your opinions etc.
  13. Report on recent conferences you've attended/presented at
  14. Share media - photos/videos/stats/info-graphics that you’ve enjoyed or found helpful
  15. Recommend other blogs
  16. Write an opinion piece or initiate a debate on the pros and cons of an issue
  17. Post a “...for beginners” piece
  18. Post an informative article in your area of expertise
  19. Interview clients/partners
  20. Brainstorm with your team for further ideas!

Ultimately, ask yourself, “what do my clients want to hear?” and bring it to them.

Happy blogging!


Deborah M. Enright

Deborah M. Enright

28th June 2018

I agree with the points stated above. Blogs should be holistic, not just bubbly, feel-good articles that actually offer little point in things. Not to be a downer, but blogs are becoming more lucrative, so the competition is rising. Bloggers need to not only connect with their readers, but also resonate with them. One tip that I learned recently is to hire a best essay service you can find around the topic of your choice, and use it as a template in a blog post. My personal favorite is Essays tend to encapsulate a topic and its subtopics, so they have a wholesome content in general. Good luck blogging!

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