Question Marks

  1. Answer the question.
  2. Only create a FAQ if it really is a Frequently Asked Question. Find out what your users really want to know.
  3. Create a question, not a statement.
  4. Make it concise and to the point. The shorter the better. Use the mantra 'half and half again'. Don't be vague.
  5. Don't create too many questions. You'll dilute your offering and scare off your users. If you do need to have lots of FAQs, use categories to divide them up into logical sections.
  6. Order questions by importance. Promote the most asked questions.
  7. Keep the answer up-to-date, remove redundant questions.
  8. Avoid dead end answers, provide links and resources for the user to take action.
  9. Avoid trying to hype/sell your product, users are looking for genuine user focussed content.
  10. Provide an alternative/immediate way of answering the question (e.g. show your contact details).

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Image Credit: Don Moyer